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History : The first version of FILM9 was released in early 2014. This version was published on the French forum "Le Transfert Pellicule". Once again, we thank all those who participated, from near or far, the many discussions on this forum. And of course, we want to associate, with this hi, all scripts, DLLs and other AviSynth filters designers.


Version 2 : Reviews, critics, various proposals have been included in this new version 2 of FILM9. Of course, nothing is perfect, and certainly other remarks will germinate and probably result in updates that will be followed below.


01.05.2016 : Version 2.00

Start Version


14.05.2016 : Version 2.01

- Add Grain : Changing the adjustement range

- RemoveDirt : Preview possible in settings phase (limited effect on GOP encodings / H264, MPG) 

- Detection of Accents on the complete directory of Source file (error message).

04.06.2016 : Version 2.02

- Update DLL
- Improved processing in the background
- Cancellation of interpolation to Tape mode
- Possibility to dimensions Non-Standard
- Added a button "Emergency Stop"
- Some interface adjustments

18.10.2016 : Version 2.03

- Add Duplicate function in Interpolation
- Resizing Dimensions for Clips Non-Standard
- Repair Installation Bug In English
- Repair Bug Clip Sound NTSC
- Repair Bug Shutdown
- Repair Bug Clip Codec HFYU
- Repair Bug Clip Interlace / With Synchro
- Repair Bug Resizing Existing Clips

25.10.2018 : Version 2.1

- Using VirtualDub2

- Update and Replacement of various DLLs

- Remove the mandatory installation of QuickTime, Xvid packages

- Update K-Lite Pack

- Deleting default settings when opening the clip

- Added Extensions for Decoding (.MXF, .VOB, .TS)

- Modification of the Decoding System

- Remove Xvid Encoding (replaced by H264)

- Choice of the output container (mp4, mov, avi, mkv)

- Choice of Output Codec (H264, ProRes, FFV1 Lossless, Lagarith, No Compression)

- Choice of an output bitrate for the MP4

- Added various Encodings for Audio (PCM, AC3, MP3)

- Improved process for AutoWhite (White Balance)

- Attenuation of the AutoGain

- Simplification of the procedure to display the completed clips

- Replacing video tutorials with downloadable .pdf Documentation in two languages

- Improved Audio Track Detection

- Added a 16/9 Framing Function (blurred edges)

- Changing Color Balance Settings

- Minor changes to the Presentation

- Bug fixes and code optimization

05.11.2018 - Version 2.11

- Better support for some Audio Codecs
- Minor modification window Projects

11.11.2018 - Version 2.12

- Detection and possible installation of RunTime MSVC++ 2012/2013/2017

- Support for Non-Standard dimensions as desired Dimensions in the Project.

06.12.2018 - Version 2.13

- Update VirtualDub2
- Taking into account SD formats for a Final Dimension in HD.
- Improvement of Degrain
- Improved TRIM for the Cassette option

- Adding an index of current tasks on the main window
- Fixed a bug when opening the Passe2

28.12.2018 - Version 2.14

- Implementation of a new module "Presets"
- Modification to prevent processing of multiple video files with the same name.
- Modification of the efficiency of the Degrain setting.
- Implementation of a modification to allow future updates without erasing the settings (Presets) of the user (effective from the next version)
- Improved H264 Encoding
- Operation of the list of clips simpler and more fluid.
- Fixed a bug displaying: "No active clip ..." when accessing a setting or changing a clip.
- Fixed a bug on wrong values in the form "Color Balance"
- Fixed the bug triggering the message "" UpdReg | Delete: ClassSQLReglages ClassReg 39 "and blocking the application.
- Fixed a bug modifying the Gamma value after calling a preset.
- Fixed a bug preventing the display of blurred background.

31.12.2018 - Version 2.15

- Improved compatibility with Windows10
- Fixed a bug on the detection of an existing directory

20.02.2019 - Version 2.16

- New settings on the AutoGain and AutoWhite functions.
- Update VirtualDub2
- Fixed a bug closing the application at the start of processing a clip.


27.03.2019 - Version 3.00

- Accept image files in .tif, .jpg, .bmp, .png format
- New design of the framing module.
- Implementation of new settings significantly improving the AutoGain and AutoWhite functions.
- Ability to minimize the application during the export of clips.
- Improved the presentation of the Clips / Actions grid during export.
- Update of VirtualDub2.
- Fixed a bug closing the application at the start of processing a clip.
- Optimization of the code.

08.06.2020 - Version 3.01

- Correction of the detection bug of the new Microsoft C ++ 2015-2019 pack

- Accepts the processing of ".tif" or ".tiff" files

- Improved H264 Encoding

15.07.2020 - Version 3.10

- Overall simplification of the Installation.
- Automatic installation of programs linked to Microsoft (Runtime C++).
- Single Form "Preferences" form for associated software and various commands.
- This Form is available after the opening of FILM9.
- Establishment of Directories specific to each Project.
- Simplification of the names of Final Clips.
- Possibility of automating the launch of Processing for all the Clips to be processed.
- Ability to adjust Max Memory dedicated to Avisynth
- Update of VirtualDub2
- Update of many DLLs dedicated to Avisynth.
- Some improvements to discover during use.
- Numerous improvements to the code. New compiler.





This software FILM9 was developed  by

Roland LARDERAZ (Gelinox)

and Gilles HOUSSARD (GillesH).

Assistance : Damien HOUSSARD

You can contact us by mail or during exchanges on these forums.



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